ICC April Karaoke Club

Event Date: 
Friday, April 25, 2014 - 7:30pm

AAP KI PASAND. This month's theme is, well your choice of songs. A song that you really love to sing and would really love for us to hear, a song that your spouse/friends believe you sing better than the original or a song when you wake up on April 25th feels just right for the day!

Singers who sign-up between 7:30 - 8:00 pm can usually be assured of a spot in the singers line-up.

The ICC Karaoke Club meets once a month on the 4th Friday. It is an Open Mic event and entry is free for ICC members and non-members. We have the finest audio equipment and is the perfect place to unwind with your family and friends and kick-off the weekend.

We look forward to having more public involvement. We ask that you send e-mail’s to icc.karaoke@yahoo.com . It would be great for us to get feedback which includes ideas for themes you would like to see going forward and any other suggestion including hosting an evening. So, send us a request and you will be paired with one of our team members to host an evening. Needless to say, singing is what will make you a STAR!

We use very sophisticated sound equipment that we are proud of and everyone who sings feels like a STAR!!!

So if you are a singer or a listener come to ICC and while you are there try out some snacks/dinner available for purchase from Khaanapeena by Healthy Masala the official caterer of ICC.


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