Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series at ICC, Milpitas

Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series 2017

Sur-Mala At ICC, Milpitas


Music has been an integral aspect of the Indian way of life and over the years, it has transformed itself into a form that has the power to entertain, control mood swings and lift the soul to an entirely different level.


Hindustani Classical music is a popular genre of Indian music. The origin of this music dates back to Sam Veda times (3-5 centuries ago). Indian classical music is an integral aspect of Indian heritage. It has evolved through different ages of the history and has now become a blend of ritualistic,  folk and cultural expression of the sub-continent.


India Community Center introduced Hindustani Classical Music as one of its significant cultural programs from January 2017.


The first concert was held on on Saturday, January 21st, 2017. The performers were versatile vocalist Anupama Chandratreya & Santoor Maestro Madan Oak.




The Next Concert - "O Rang Basanti" will be held on February 25th, 2017 from 4 pm to 7 pm.


The performers will be supported by Vikas Yendluri on Tabla, Vivek Datar on Harmonium.


The performers for the evening are:


Sitarist, Prasad Joglekar

Sitar Maestro; Prasad gave his first public performance on harmonium at age 4 Started learning Sitar from Mr. and Mrs. Phadke, Pune, starting at age 8. Disciple of Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan since 1988. Lived in Canada and USA, currently living in California, USA - performing,  teaching, researching and learning Sitar music.Learnt Maihar Gharana Sitar from Pandit Partha Chatterjee.  Learnt Gayaki Ang from Ustad Shahid Parvez. Holds PhD in Computer Engineering and holds several patents in computer networking.

Past Performances:


* Solo sitar concerts and lecture-demonstrations at Stanford University. * Solo sitar concert and lecture-demonstrations at University of California, Davis, and Mills College, Oakland, California. * Frequent performer at Pandit Nikhil Bannerjee Memorial Concert Series (California).  * Invited Sitar player to play the composition “Winter”, with the prestigious San Jose Chamber Orchestra on several occasions. * Several solo sitar performances in the US, Canada and India.


Prasad Joglekar will be presenting Raag Bihag & Basanti at O Rang Basanti Classical Concert at India Community Center on February 25th, 2017


Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Rujul Pathak



Rujul began learning music at the age of seven from her father Shri Abhijit Pathak. She then learnt for about two years from Shri Phulchand Pawar. Her rigorous and formal training in Hindustani vocal music started at the age of 14 with her guru Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan of the Agra Atrauli gharana at the renowned Saptak school of classical music in Ahmedabad.


With her melodious voice and mature musical outlook her concerts have been described as being an "aesthetic treat". Reviews have all described her as "one of the most promising and outstanding vocalist from younger generation". She specializes in the Agra gharana styled traditional khayal gayaki but is equally at ease with other genres like Thumris and Bhajans. With blessings from her guru, Rujul continues to reach higher levels of dexterity in her journey in voice. She is also the recipient of several national awards like the Surmani award and the Pandit Omkarnath Thakur award.


Rujul Pathak will be presenting Raag Khamaj at O Rang Basanti concert at India Community Center on February 25th, 2017